Hello, I'm Pallavi Kurhade.

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About Me

I’ve Been Building Websites & Web Apps For Over 10 Years!

I am able to work with client and users to determine requirements and formulate solution. I have build and maintained website throughout all the phases of web development and delivered more than 100 satisfied customers. Evaluate strategic business product and services goals and design technical product
architecture solution to meet those goals.

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • A/B Testing
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO

My Process


Be the customer and define whats best for the customer


Sketch some ideas by brain storming with team 


Refine the product you build for the customer by getting feedback


Build the product the customer will love to call his own 

My Journey

Over the Years

June 2012

Web Developer at Amiworks

  • Worked in a small team in a startup environment and developed customized web sites. Participated in discussion with teammates about the estimated time and priorities of projects.  
September 2013

Front End Web Developer at Minematic

  • Created web application for data driven email marketing for customer retention using AngularJs, HTML, CSS, Ionic
January 2014

Freelance Web Developer

  • Created are customized plugin & theme integrating Twilio API for recording of voice conversation in the backend of WordPress and making a theme which easy for client to maintain
June 2014

Web Developer at Ally Digital Media

  • Developed a Responsive WordPress Website
  • Implemented search engine optimization for website to increase number of visitor count
January 2015

Front End Developer at Adweb Software

  • Worked with wide variety of clients to build responsive templates, integrated social API’s, Tested the Existing Intranet Product and resolved Backend/Frontend issues and Developed websites in Umbraco.
August 2016

Web Developer at Druva

  • Worked on providing a responsive and optimizing corporate website
October 2016

Web Developer at Equinix

  • Worked and produce web pages of the corporate websites working with the Content Teams, Regional Marketers to execute global stakeholder requests also translated and localized sites in close collaboration with in-region teams.
August 2016

Lead Web Developer at Yodlee

  • Contribute to building new features for the website,Collaborate with the demand generation team to optimize the integration of the Web channel with other marketing activities. Create Email Templates
November 2017

Web Solution Architect at Fourandhalf

  • Developed & Managed company websites along with clients website from design to deploy phase, Manage day-to-day web marketing operation and maintenance, Integrating & Work with 3rd party marketing tool such as eTrique, Marketo, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Lead Simple, Monitor and Generate report for client to know how there site is performing/ranking,Interact with RESTful API in PHP,Migrated domains, email services among servers and worked on the DNS records,Turn design prototypes in tools such as Sketch into real life web pages, Contribute to building new features and components.

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Some of My Work

What My Teammates Say About me

“I have the pleasure of working with Pallavi for over 3 years at Fourandhalf.com, she is a wonderful teammate, very knowledgeable and a perfect team player.

Pallavi has taught me everything I know about web development and she is an awesome mentor!!

She always kept the team morale up, and I believe she is the best manager/mentor I ever had as she is a great combination of humor and empathy. Her ability to work through the crisis and develop new ways to achieve the targets were always inspiring. I am delighted to work and learn with such professionals.

The way she evaluate strategic business product and services goals and design technical product
architecture solution to meet those goals is impressive.

I strongly believe that Pallavi will add extreme value to any organization she works for.”

Nissim Boozaglo

“Pallavi is the type of developer that will shine in any team. There’s no doubt in my mind that Pallavi will be a proficient developer and have a successful career in the future.

I had the pleasure of directly working with Pallavi last year as her manager. From the get go, she has demonstrated strong basic knowledge of JavaScript and was able to complete her tasks from start to finish. Her ability to learn quickly and correctly apply those new learnt knowledge to solve complex problems made it an easy decision for me to hire her as a Junior Front End Developer from an intern.

Throughout her time at ADWEB, Pallavi has worked extremely well with her team. She is a great team player with a friendly personality. She has also demonstrated to be a great helper to others. She possesses the type of strong work ethic that any manager would hope for to have on their team.

It was unfortunate that Pallavi has decided to move to the US, and therefore, unable to continue working with us; however, I am also excited for Pallavi about her future endeavors. I wish her all the best and that she will find a team where she will continue to develop her skills and shine. “

Hayden Su

“Pallavi is a web developer with a solid technical understanding of web development who always brought a contagious positive attitude to the Digital Marketing team at Equinix. Her ability to connect with designers, developers, project managers, and regional stakeholders made her key to the success of many projects. Her experience at Equinix involved launching micro sites, working on multiple project concurrently, resolving issues, creating responsive web pages, writing quality CSS, JavaScript and HTML code and managing the day to day web site production. She has good problem solving abilities and a well rounded insight into web technologies. She knows herself well and can be trusted to get the job done right. “

Peter DeGraw

“Pallavi was a huge asset for our team when we had to execute and implement strategic vision and well as keep our website updated for daily SME needs. She is a very calm and robust web producer and she helped me get updates to our web pages right out the door. She is great to work with and loves collaborating on all projects together. I would recommend Pallavi for any team as she is a great person to work with! “

Vardhan Karanjikar

“Pallavi is a dedicated, hard-worker who always maintains a positive attitude. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and is a pleasure to work with. As a talented developer, she is a problem-solver who looks for ways to optimize our site and find the best possible solutions. She is a valuable team player who offers help in any way she can. Any team would be lucky to have her as a great contributor.”

Aubrey Worley

“Pallavi is a great asset to any team . She is extremely talented and versatile person I ever met . We had almost worked for 3-4 projects together .She has good leadership qualities .. I will miss working with her .”

Rutuja Pandit

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